General FAQ

Is there a minimum starting budget?

No there is no minimum to start. Although we have many pre-priced services, we pride ourselves in being able to handle all budgets . Each client’s campaign is evaluated individually based off their goals, needs and ability. You get back what you put in, so if you can’t afford a comfortable monthly marketing budget, we’ll advise you on your options.

Will I be Locked Into A Long Term Contract?

All our contracts and services agreements are written with a one year plan, however, you can cancel at anytime. Billing is defaulted month-to-month, but can be extended to quarterly or yearly if desired. There are no hidden fees for cancelling – ever. We are happy to have a 0% turnover rate, meaning none of our customers have left for other services.

How Do I Get Started?

Before you sign or commit to anything, we have an extensive “Client Questionnaire” that we ask you to fill out so that we can learn more about your needs, clients and industry. There is absolutely no commitment on your part by completing this questionnaire.

Web Design FAQ

How Long Will It Take To Build My Website?

It really depends on too many factors for us to give a clear timeline. However, we try to launch websites within one to two months. We will make sure that an estimated date is agreed upon, during the blueprint stage, prior to moving on to the next stage of development.

Can I Get My Website Evaluated?

Yes! We are happy to perform a detailed evaluation of your current site. We look at items such as page speed, security, mobile friendliness, search engine visibility and more. Why not get a free evaluation today!

Does My Website Need To Be Mobile Friendly?

Absolutely! Almost 60% of traffic on search engines is from mobile devices like phone and tablets. Which means, if your website is not mobile friendly, you are turning away many potential customers.

Why Should I use A Web Design Business?

While there are several options for a business to build their own web presence online, there are very few who understand how to utilize it as a return of investment (ROI). We understand how to create beautiful, functional websites that attract visitors. Most importantly, convincing those visitors to become customers should be the foundation of your web design, which takes marketing tactics and strategies we are familiar with.

Search Engine Optimization FAQ

How long can it take to get my rank up?

Depending on your customized marketing plan, it can take 2-3 months to start seeing significant rankings. These timelines can vary depending on your type of business, campaign goals, and much more. We will provide you a blueprint and roadmap to what we expect throughout our campaign for you.

Can I turn SEO services on and off?

SEO is not a sprint, it is a marathon, and results take time to develop and its through continual efforts that those results keep up. By stopping, you will lose results that someone else will take advantage of and run past you, getting to your customers first. So, we strongly advised against starting and stopping SEO Services. The good news is that we will develope a year plan so that you can adjust your needs according to the objectives we have both agreed upon.

Do I Need SEO?

Ultimately, it depends on your goals. For the majority of clients, yes. Approximately 80%-90% of customers will check for online reviews before making a purchase. Search Engine Optimization gives your company a better chance of being seen by potential customers. According to Forbes, almost 60% of small businesses are now investing in some form of online marketing. So the odds are that your competitors are all using SEO services.

What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is everything done, on-site and off-site, to ensure your website gets found on the Internet and to make sure that the incoming traffic converts to sales & business. Typically this is seen as "paid advertisement". Although that can be an option to increase SEO, it is not exclusive or necessarily the best route.

Pay-per-Click FAQ

How are PPC Campaigns Managed?

We will research the keywords the identify your presence online and connect them with what people are most commonly searching for. We compare those with competitors and design a roadmap. It will take several daily adjustments and consistent monitoring for market changes and other human factors. These changes include (but are not limited to) adding additional keywords, excluding negative keywords that won’t convert, refine landing pages, ad schedule and demographic targeting.

What Is Google AdWords?

Maybe one of the most popular PPC system in the world, Adwords allows businesses to create ads that will show on Google’s search engine results and other related properties. Google Adwords is a PPC platform where users bid on keywords and pay each time a user clicks on their ad.

What is PPC? (Pay-Per-Click)

It is a model of digital marketing where the advertiser pays a fee every time one of their ads are clicked. Advertisers, like Google, will put your ads on their page and you pay when someone clicks on it. PPC is an effective way to bring people to your website and can be very profitable if managed correctly.

Social Media FAQ

What Does Social Media Marketing Mean For Me?

Marketing has several different faces and it is much like how you may talk to potential clients. Pay-Per-Click marketing, like Google Adwords, is like going to a mall and handing out flyers. But, Social Media Marketing is like going to an auto parts store and helping customers find a solution at your auto repair shop. It's a level of personal engagement that your customers want.

Misc FAQ

Do You Have Degrees and Certifications?

Yes. Our team has a wide range of marketing, business, and design certifications. This includes degrees and additional education specific for managing marketing accounts. Examples include, Inbound Marketing, Sales, Business Administration, Bing Partnership, Facebook, and much more!