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Funnel Design 101: Lead Magnet

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What is a Lead Magnet?

Something of value to a potential customer in exchange for their contact information. This contact information is then used by you, to “upsell” a solution that more PRECISELY solves their problem.


  • Subscribe to email
  • Attended a webinar, live event, etc.
  • Request free call, consultation

It is a vital component towards building credibility with your customer and there are tons of ideas to work with!

If the Magnet delivers value, then it builds trust in the next funnel stages

Side Note: Make sure you understand what “problem” your customers have. Failure to really hone in on this ONE thing, can make or break your efforts. Use our Buyer’s Persona Template to ensure best results.

What is Value:

Something that solves a PRECISE problem for a PRECISE person.

If you can figure out what that PRECISE problem is, TRULY have a solution to solve it, and build a persona from it. Your lead magnet will be incredibly attractive and desirable.

Why is Desirability Important?

Do you want something you don’t desire?

Would you go out of your way to buy the “Tree Stump-o-matic 3000”? Probably not.


Would you be interested in something called the “Automatic Marketing Generator”?


The more PRECISE your Lead Magnet is, the more DESIRABLE it will be to your IDEAL customer.


Example #1:

Joe’s car is overheating and he doesn’t know why. You offer a tow truck and 10% off repair services.

Example #2:

Joe’s car is overheating and he doesn’t know why. You offer to come to Joe and provide a free evaluation.

Which example offers to solve his most PRECISE problem?

If your Lead Magnet (Free evaluation) is desirable, and it solves your IDEAL customer’s PRECISE problem (Doesn’t know why car is overheating), your credibility will rise.

Being Specific + Being Desirable + Solving Problem = Credibility


Where are you most likely to buy a DVD of your favorite movie…

A sidewalk salesman or Walmart?

Obviously, Walmart!

According to Software Advice “39% of respondents say monetary or material incentives such as discounts, free swag or gift cards greatly increase their chances of referring a brand.”

Because a quality Lead Magnet helps build your credibility with potential customers.

For example:

Joe needs a new TV. He doesn’t know which TV he wants, but sees your lead magnet on Facebook “Guide to buying a new TV”. He clicks on your post, enters his information, and downloads your guide.

He reads your guide and finds it very helpful.

The next day you send him an email with a link to find TV’s mentioned in that guide.

Joe read your guide, trusted the information, and believes that by clicking the link he will receive more useful information, or even make a wise purchase.

This is all because you built credibility with your lead magnet.

So Where Should I Start?

You can use your creativity to think up an awesome lead magnet, or use our 30+ Lead Magnet Ideas Checklist.

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Either way, start generating better leads today with what you learn from us here!

How To Create A Buyer Persona

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Buyer personas are fictional and generalized representations of your ideal customers. It helps us visualize that audience, making it easier to attract them to our offers.

To be honest, this is actually super crucial for driving content, products, services, lead generation, and really anything that involves offering a solution to a customer’s problem.

Image a real estate agent is selling a home for $300,000. They could post it on Trulia and just hope someone finds it. Afterall, many home buyers who visit that website are somewhat interested in buying a home, right?

However, if this agent uses a buyer persona beforehand, finding a buyer could be quicker and easier. Now, let’s say this buyer persona was titled Business Bob. In order for Business Bob to afford a $300,000 house he would need to make $75,000 or more a year. Most people making that much will have attended college. Therefore, Business Bob will have a degree.

and so on….

Remember, a buyer persona will target an ideal customer, by using statistics and facts to craft a generalized personality of your most ideal buyer, which will help you close deals faster and better!

“Got it. A Buyer Persona is an important part of making my business successful….but how do I start one?”

We’ll first, download our FREE buyer persona template to work alongside this guide RIGHT NOW!

Next, We are going to show you how to do that and the best part is, it’s a simple process. The most important thing to remember, is to ask the right questions to the right people, and make sure that it can be presented in a format that everyone in your business can understand. So make sure to download our FREE buyer persona template so you can input your research clearly.


Why Is My Buyer Persona Important?

It is a group of information, helpful in better understanding potential customers and creates an easier way to tailor content, products, or services that is attractive to their needs. You may know your target customers are home buyers, but do you know what their price range is? What does their income look like? Would you show the $300,000 house you are selling to a couple who make $35,000 a year?

In order to understand the customers you needs, it really important to create a buyer persona that is detailed and researched.

In a realistic situation, a home could have 15 potential home buyers, a buyer person could help eliminate 90% that can’t afford or even find interest in a $300,000 house. This saves a whole lot of time and money.

Side Note: You can have several different buyer personas, just make sure you use the correct ones for each marketing strategy.


Can I use my Buyer Persona for Marketing?

Absolutely! In fact, in its simplest form it is used mostly for creating a target audience to deliver content for. However, in a broader view, it can help you personalize your business and turn a saturated industry, into your own niche market!

For example, instead of sending generic emails from a subscriber list, you can send exclusive content to you know matters to each persona, because you understand what they are truly interested in. Look at your spam email box, are you actually interested in any of that? Probably not, but if a business really understand what you are into, an properly place email could turn you into a customer.


How to Create A Buyer Persona

A Buyer Persona can be created in many ways, but should include a little bit of research, interviews of ideal customers, and surveys. It should also include a variety of people such as prospective clients, current customers, and other businesses that are within your target audience.

Here are some ways you can gather that information tactfully:

  • First, check your contacts and look for trends of how they interact with your content or services.
  • Second, create forms to capture information on your website, like company size, titles, or other relevant information for the persona you are building.
  • Third, hat can your employees tell you about their interaction with current customers or potential leads.
  • Lastly, interview those who are interested in your services, product, or content.


How To Find Quality Interviewees for Research

This is a really important and often looked over step in building a buyer persona. Let’s be honest, asking people’s opinions on our businesses can feel a bit intrusive at times. However, it is the most crucial aspect to quality persona’s. Here are few tips:

  • Your Customer base is a perfect place to start. They know your services, product, and content better than anyone. They have already purchased from you, so they are probably some of your most ideal buyer persona’s!
  • Talk to both “Good” and “Bad” customers. Those who you know haven’t enjoyed what your business offers and equally important, because they give you a perspective of how your solutions don’t solve certain problems. This will help you craft a persona that addresses those issues.

Tips for recruiting people to interview:

  • Incentivize. While this won’t always be the case, but offering a simple $5 gift card for a small review that is focused on important questions, can generate you a lot of traffic! It’s very similar to a lead magnet.
  • Be Clear. Help your customers know, immediately, it’s not a sales call. You’re a real person, asking for 1-2 minutes to better your business.
  • Make it easy. Offer time gaps for appointments, set up email form surveys, or text message. Whatever makes it easy for your customers to respond and interact, do it.


Ask these questions during you interview.

  • What is your current Job Title
  • What skills are required?
  • What tools do you use to be successful in your position?
  • Who is your boss?
  • What industry are you in?
  • What is the size of your company?
  • What are your responsibilities?
  • How do you measure success in your position?
  • Do you read any publications for learning?
  • What associations are you involved in?
  • Personal Demographics (Age, Sex, Kids, Marriage, Income, Etc)
  • What level of education do you currently have?
  • What does your career path look like?
  • What is your preferred method to interact with vendors?
  • What was your most recent purchase and how would you describe that experience?

Side Note: Asking “Why?” as a follow up question, helps you understand reflecting behavior. This helps you have a deeper understanding of what drove them to give you that answer.

Congrats. You are ready to make your first persona! Simple use the information from your interview and plug them into your persona worksheet.

Once you complete your first persona, you’ll be optimally ready to start your funnel design for great lead captures!

Of course, you can always enlist our services to ensure the best possible results, while freeing up your time to focus on other business needs!