What is a Lead Magnet?

Something of value to a potential customer in exchange for their contact information. This contact information is then used by you, to “upsell” a solution that more PRECISELY solves their problem.


  • Subscribe to email
  • Attended a webinar, live event, etc.
  • Request free call, consultation

It is a vital component towards building credibility with your customer and there are tons of ideas to work with!

If the Magnet delivers value, then it builds trust in the next funnel stages

Side Note: Make sure you understand what “problem” your customers have. Failure to really hone in on this ONE thing, can make or break your efforts. Use our Buyer’s Persona Template to ensure best results.

What is Value:

Something that solves a PRECISE problem for a PRECISE person.

If you can figure out what that PRECISE problem is, TRULY have a solution to solve it, and build a persona from it. Your lead magnet will be incredibly attractive and desirable.

Why is Desirability Important?

Do you want something you don’t desire?

Would you go out of your way to buy the “Tree Stump-o-matic 3000”? Probably not.


Would you be interested in something called the “Automatic Marketing Generator”?


The more PRECISE your Lead Magnet is, the more DESIRABLE it will be to your IDEAL customer.


Example #1:

Joe’s car is overheating and he doesn’t know why. You offer a tow truck and 10% off repair services.

Example #2:

Joe’s car is overheating and he doesn’t know why. You offer to come to Joe and provide a free evaluation.

Which example offers to solve his most PRECISE problem?

If your Lead Magnet (Free evaluation) is desirable, and it solves your IDEAL customer’s PRECISE problem (Doesn’t know why car is overheating), your credibility will rise.

Being Specific + Being Desirable + Solving Problem = Credibility


Where are you most likely to buy a DVD of your favorite movie…

A sidewalk salesman or Walmart?

Obviously, Walmart!

According to Software Advice “39% of respondents say monetary or material incentives such as discounts, free swag or gift cards greatly increase their chances of referring a brand.”

Because a quality Lead Magnet helps build your credibility with potential customers.

For example:

Joe needs a new TV. He doesn’t know which TV he wants, but sees your lead magnet on Facebook “Guide to buying a new TV”. He clicks on your post, enters his information, and downloads your guide.

He reads your guide and finds it very helpful.

The next day you send him an email with a link to find TV’s mentioned in that guide.

Joe read your guide, trusted the information, and believes that by clicking the link he will receive more useful information, or even make a wise purchase.

This is all because you built credibility with your lead magnet.

So Where Should I Start?

You can use your creativity to think up an awesome lead magnet, or use our 30+ Lead Magnet Ideas Checklist.

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Either way, start generating better leads today with what you learn from us here!


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