Everyone who wants to be successful, needs marketing plans. Yet, most small businesses in the United States today don’t have one. According to Fundera, 1 in 3 businesses fail before their 2 year anniversary and only half of that will make it to 5.

So the question should really be why do they fail? Well the answer is pretty straight forward, Marketing.

Consider for a moment the Apple Iphone. Most Iphone lovers will upgrade their new phone every time a new release comes out, even if there isn’t really any big changes. They do it because Apple has great marketing plans that dig into our emotional “wants & desires”, causing a social chain reaction to buy new things!

It’s not because Apple has something like $10,000,000 in advertising budgets. It’s because they got their product to the right people, at the right time, in the right way. The created simple marketing plans.

So what does a Small Business have to do with this example?

You have a service or product that people want.

If they don’t know they need it or where to find it, then there are holes in your marketing plans.

That’s ok, because we are here to help.

Marketing 101 Basics

When we are looking to buy something, we go through a journey. Even for us impulse buyers. Its called The Buyers Journey.
  • Awareness: We start trying to decide what it is we need. “My watch broke, who do I take it to? What needs fixed exactly?”
  • Consideration: Discovering the options to resolve the issue. “Mobile Watch Repair or DIY Watch Repair? “
  • Decision: Taking the step to buy/select what interested us. “Mobile Watch Repair would be much easier on such a busy day. I should call them”

Next, we should consider reaching those people in their Consideration stage of their buying process. This is called Inbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing is basically this. Attract potential customers with a solution for their problem, Convert them into leads by obtaining contact information, Close them by nurturing them into a customer, and do such a good job with customer service that they become Promoters of your brand.

Ya, its really not that hard, but it takes time, patience, and attention to detail.

So how do we implement those steps? That leads us to the next step:

The Funnel

This is basically a sales path to help your new potential customer (a “lead” as we call them) get to their purchase. A Funnel design can be done is many different ways, we will give you an example of a simple way.
  • Make a Facebook post that details a solution to a particular problem that your service/product solves. Include a little incentive.
    “Have a watch that stopped working unexpectedly? Save time and money with Mobile Watch Repair today and receive $5 off.”

Now this facebook post should include a link to something called a Landing Page. Its a simple page that asks for some information from your customer. This is where we can help them go from Consideration to Decision.

  • Landing Page should be a simple website page, with minor details that reflect your post with an opt in section.
    “Enter your name and email address and a Mobile Repair Watch specialist will get back to you shortly”

When they enter that information in, they probably have already made a decision to use your service, however, they may lose interest before you can get back to them. So we want to try and land this deal!

  • After they enter their name and email, send them to a second landing page (The thank you page) with a better offer if they make a better commitment.
    “Thanks for including your information. We are very excited to get back to you. In fact, if you call and confirm an appointment right now, we will give you an additional $5 off this visit. Click here to schedule a phone call”

This will help solidify their decision and help reduce customers from leaving before purchasing.

Sales funnels like this, have proven to increase sales by 30% according to Protocol80.com

Ready to start your marketing plans on Social Media?

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