Blogging is a time honored internet enjoyment for both the writers and the readers. Since the internet began, blogging has always been at the foundations of building a successful website. However, for some of us, it maybe a bit harder to determine how to start a blog.

Fear not! We will help you get started with this simple step-by-step guide to starting your very own blog.

1. What will your blogging be about and to whom?


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Your blog can have many different topics and directions, but there should be an overall purpose that your blog meets.

Take for example, Diaries of a Working Mom is a favorite blogger and it’s a great example of what her blog is about. Her blogging description is about a diaries of her journey working as a mom. This could include work life, her marriage, her adventures to Disneyland, etc. It caters to her readers and keeps them interested. If she started blogging about automotive repair, it might throw her readers off, because they aren’t interested in that.

Ask yourself: Is my blogging page title based on what I will be writing about.

2. Know Your Audience


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I kind of touched it in the last point, but let’s understand it a little more. We don’t want to be writing a blog that no one is reading now do we?

No way!

We want to share these stories with people who find them interesting. In order to do that, we need to make sure that our title meets the expectations of our readers. Points 1 & 2 must work together.

Ask yourself: Will my blogging page title entice the people to read it?


3. Get WordPress Hosting


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You’ve probably heard of WordPress before. If not, you should know that it is used by almost 28% of the internet. That’s something like 300 million websites. WordPress was designed for blogging, but ended up becoming a fantastic platform alternative to websites.

Its an easy, simple, and lightweight program that is both user-friendly and scalable as you grow.

Best part about WordPress, is that it is free and for a small monthly price, you can host it on a variety of hosting sites.

We offer Optimized WordPress Hosting ourselves. We even include exclusive features that most hosting providers won’t. This includes dedicated support, free premium themes, and an optimization plugin designed to make your blogs lightning fast!

Ask yourself: Will slow speeds cause my readers to loss interest?


4. Writing Your First Blog




Once your WordPress account is setup and ready to, simple visit the administrator section to get started. It will look like this

You should have an email with that information or if you use our Optimized WordPress Hosting, you’ll be in direct communication with a dedicated support team member that can walk you through the process.

Once you are in your admin section, click on Post > Add New . You’re now ready to start your blogging adventure. Start writing!

Ask yourself: Is my first blog going to wow my readers?


5. Tell Your Friends!


blogging actions


Now that you have a working blogging page, you need visitors to read it. Simple copy your domain ( and post it on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media websites. Let them know what your blog is about!

Ask yourself: Will I loose interest if I don’t market my own blog?

Closing Note:

Be patient. It takes time to generate a large crowd of followers. Simple keep writing your blogs and encouraging your family and friends to read, share, and comment on them. Additionally, you can always talk with us about increasing your blogging visitors through our Marketing Strategies!


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