FrameWork Marketing Worksheet


This worksheet is designed to gather information that will allow us to more successfully target your select audience. Every marketing campaign needs to have a clear understanding of the people you want to attract.

For example, If you’re setting up a promotion that would include giving away a free singing lesson for teenage girls, you could say: Free Singing Lessons for teens. Now, this could work but your audience is very broad and its hard to forecast the outcome.

However, if you were to change the wording to something like: Learn to Sing Like Brittney Spears. Now that changes the game. We can now instruct the ads to search for everyone who likes Brittney spears Facebook page from the ages of 18-24 and parents with teenage kids.


⦁ Gather information from you about the type of person you want to market to.

⦁ Match that information into a database called a Persona, which allows us to generate a “make up” person that is based on realistic attributes.

⦁ Build an Audience of people on Facebook that matches our built persona.

⦁ Design ads around the promotion that will interest the selected persona.

⦁ Launch the Advertisement.

⦁ Test multiple versions of this ad over the course of 1 to 2 weeks and then compare them to each other to determine what is working better than the other. If people are clicking on the advertisement associated with a picture of Brittney Spears more than the one with a microphone, we will go with the Brittney Spears picture for optimal results.

⦁ Produce an estimated forecast of conversions (The people that click and take part of your offer)

⦁ Procure an estimation of revenue from that forecast.

⦁ Run the ad for a minimum of 1 month and monitor its duration to determine if anything can be better pinpointed or if a new direction is needed.

⦁ Most campaigns see returns relatively fast, but sometimes it can take up to 3 months to gain momentum. This is dependent on many factors, some of which include the type of industry, the persona generated, and the offer being given. Please answer these following questions with as much detail as possible. The better we understand your cliental, your services, your business, etc, the better persona we can build.

Great Persona + Desired Offer = Happy Results